Hydration Bladder 3L
Hydration Bladder 3L for Overlader&
Hydration Bladder 3L

Hydration Bladder 3L

Precio habitual € 39.00

Built to keep you hydrated and focused on the road. The Hydration 3L is a BPA free water bladder with a quick-release insulated hose. 

Hydration Bladder Specifications

  • Volume: 3L/0.79gal Capacity
  • Tube length: 98cm
  • Quick-release hose
  • Insulated hose
  • Soft freeflow mouth valve
  • No leakage secure closure

Direction to use valve:

  • To open, twist and pull counterclockwise
  • To close, push and twist clockwise.
  • Keep the valve closed when not in use

IMPORTANT! Please read

To keep this reservoir clean, inhibit contamination and prevent bacteria growth, clean with mild detergent and rinse the reservoir thoroughly.
Make sure it is completely dry, inside and out, before storing.
Avoid contact with extreme heat/cold, harsh chemicals, UV light, and sharp objects, these elements will damage the reservoir.

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