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My MotoPegs are loose or do not fit BMW R1200/1250 GS/GSA mounts.

The MotoPegs are designed with accurate tolerances. Please check your motorcycles mount position for any bending or distortion. The mounts need to be bent back to a parallel position. This is a common issue on the BMW R1200/1250 GS/GSA LC. Refer to MotoPegs install instructions for an example.

Excessive tightening of components.

The components must be torqued to specification. The M6 nut only needs to be tightened slightly (8N.m) to put the washer in place. In case of overtightening, there is a risk of breakage of the M6 thread of the axle. If you don’t have a torque wrench, tighten it with only one finger and make sure the nylon is engaged and the thread is degreased. See correct install method in the below "MotoPegs - Changing the Control Pins" video.


MotoPegs - Changing the Control Pins - ENGLISH

MotoPegs - Comment régler la dureté - FRENCH