Top 15 Motorcycle Camping Hacks

Top 15 Motorcycle Camping Hacks

Oh, the open road—nothing but freedom ahead and the past behind. This is mankind’s manifest destiny and there’s no better way to travel it than aboard a motorcycle.

For the motorcycle enthusiast, wherever you go your bike is always there with you. Whether you’ve been planning a camping trip since last fall or it’s an impulsive drive, there are some unique motorcycle camping hacks that will allow you to relax and enjoy those cool summer nights.

  1. Motorcycle Pull Behind Camper

If you have the money to spend, then caravanning is probably the easiest way to camp without excessive planning or packing. If you’ve got the payload than consider strapping on a motorcycle camper to that blown bike. Enjoy the comforts of home.

But then again, where’s the adventure in that besides extra weight and the inability to travel some truly unexplored dirt roads? We just wanted to throw that out there for you.

  1. Motorcycle Tent

Top 15 Motorcycle Camping Hacks - photo by Lone Rider MotoTent v2 customer

Of course, there’s the usual way of camping, and that involved a motorbike tent such as the MotoTent or MiniTent. A motorcycle expedition tent will provide a comfortable place to sleep under the stars and let you retain a little privacy. The MotoTent even has vestibule area to protect your bike against the elements and nature. Dedicated motorcycle tents are lightweight and incredibly easy to set up.

  1. Tarp

Top 15 Motorcycle Camping Hacks - photo by Lone Rider MotoTent v2 customer

This runs standard for any outdoor camping trip. Be sure to pack extra tent poles and extra tarps to protect your tent and your bike from the rain. You can even place tarp under your campground after a storm to keep it dry. The question always remains, to keep the tarp or not to keep the tarp?

  1. Motorcycle Luggage

Tent, cooking equipment, clothes, food, camping gear, and... how are you even supposed to fit all this stuff? You don't have to roar down the highway with a garbage bag flapping at your side, there’s luggage straps for that. With a little compression packing, you can place all your luggage onto your pillion in a convenient little trunk.

  1. Compression Packing

Compression packing is essential if you want to carry anything more than a backpack on your motorcycle. Place all your equipment into vacuum sealed bags and then in a mesh compression bag. This will fit neatly into your pillion luggage. This also makes re-packing your equipment a breeze. Make the most out of limited storage space.

  1. Homely Comforts

You don't need to bring a caravan to retain all the comforts of home. An air mattress, a fold up chair, and a sleeping bag for star gazing can be easily packed into a rear luggage container. Just don't over pack. That beast can only handle so much payload. Those cool summer nights don't require any blankets, but never forget a pillow!

  1. Motorcycle Backpack

Avoid spending money on costly motorbike tents and luggage containers and get a motorcycle backpack. For the motorcycle minimalist, you can pack all your compact motorcycle gear and air mattress in one backpack to save you gas along the way.

Half of the journey is the ride, so ride comfortably.

  1. Cooking Kit

Top 15 Motorcycle Camping Hacks - photo by Lone Rider MotoTent v2 customer

An iron skillet and some silverware are all you need to sizzle up a hot meal on the road. You could even splurge for a camping cooking stove that won't take up too much space. Just make sure you have enough room to fit a clunky skillet on your bike.

Your motorcycle camping trip shouldn’t be fueled by nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Wrap some frozen food in tin foil and by the time you arrive at your destination it should be thawed and ready to enjoy. Of course, if you need some hot food, you've got those wheels right by your side.

  1. DIY Mosquito Repellent

A little jelly in a water bottle could go a long way in keeping the flies away from your food. Tea tree oil helps repel ticks and eucalyptus oil is a great mosquito repellent. Honestly, though, a little can of bug spray and mosquito repellent will probably save you a lot of trouble. There’s nothing worse than riding back on the open road with a bunch of itchy bug bites.

  1. Bike Repair

Don’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere without a roof over your head. Camping is fun because we get to go home, right?

An extra kickstand can go a long way in keeping your bike safe and its appearance clean. Consider bringing along a compact tire repair kit with a mini compressor and jumper cables. As we say, know your bike in and out.

There are hundreds of compact tool kits over the market. We always suggest bringing some extra fuses in case of an electrical malfunction.

  1. Fire Starters

Top 15 Motorcycle Camping Hacks - photo by Lone Rider MotoTent v2 customer

Skip the kerosene and create a fire the way nature intended you to.There’s DIY hacks you may also consider- my favorite being petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls.

There are many DIY fire starters over the internet, but all of them require a spark. Don't forget the matches!

Be sure to bring a flashlight if you’re burning the midnight oil. If you don't want to rely on batteries, bottle cap candles will burn for hours and are a super easy DIY hack.

  1. Blue Automotive Towels

Don’t underestimate the power of a microfiber or blue automotive towel. These towels are machine washable and will dry by the time you get to your next destination.

These towels are so strong you can even filter coffee beans through them for a brew. Pack a few towels if you need to save something that gets wet during a rainstorm. Imagine packing up your own abandoning your campsite to get some food because your fire starter got wet from a storm.

  1. Baking Soda

Need to treat a motorcycle rash, brush your teeth, or clean those pits? Baking soda is the ultimate all-in-one cleaning and cooking product to bring on any camping trip. It also serves as a great temporary first aid kit for any minor biking accidents you might get into.

Clean your produce and reduce the odor of fish by washing your food with some baking soda. A little pinch of baking soda has even been found to help fight heartburn.

  1. Essentials

Let’s go over a list of some of the motorcycle camping essentials you need for your next road trip:

  • Lots of socks
  • Clothing, obviously
  • Swiss army knife
  • Compact hatchet for firewood
  • Camera
  • Map
  • A poncho, maybe
  • Baby wipes

Don’t forget the essentials for any camping trip. While the ride is half the journey, it’s ideal to also bring something to do. Make sure you research the weather ahead of time and have a plan to acquire firewood when you arrive at your campground.

  1. Extra Gallon of Gas

Did you think of this one? For that next cross-country trip, make sure you and your blown bike can make it home safe.

Of course, the best part of freedom and the open road is that aspect of uncertainty. With these simple tips, you can sit back, explore, and enjoy those mystic charms nature bequeaths us. Oh that magic feeling, nowhere to go.

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