News for 2019 !

News for 2019 !

2018 is officially history and it’s time to gear up for new year full of adventures and experiences on two wheels. We know of a few people in our community for you to keep your eyes on in 2019, but before we get to that, let’s take a look back at what happened in our world during the year of 2018...


2018 was a tremendous year for Lone Rider; after years of development and testing we were finally able to move the MotoBags into full-scale production, and begin delivering to customers all around the world! The greatest reward that we experienced in 2018 was seeing many of you put our MotoBags, MotoTent and MiniTent to use during your two-wheeled adventures that took place in many of the world's most beautiful regions… Two of these great adventures included those of:


Tom Leboube (@trip_again_) who  traveled more than 30,000km atop his MotoBags-Equipped GSA while exploring Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.




Ian Pelto, Ian Scobie, and Wake Smith (@lospanamericanos) who used 3 of our MiniTents on their epic journey from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina on 3 Kawasaki KLR 650’s!


MiniTent and KLR650 in the Bolivian Salt Flats

So what is in store for 2019? Well, there are several things and people worth mentioning!


As you may know, we have been working diligently to develop, prototype and test our new ADVTent, which we are currently accepting preorders for and will be shipping in the spring. We are very excited about the release of this new product and are even more excited to see what adventures it will accompany its users on. You can find more information about our new ADVTent on our website.


Now, about those people in our community that we think you should follow in 2019!


Killian Moreno (@killianmoreno) is an avid ADV rider from Barcelona who isn’t afraid to get his MotoBags-Equipped GSA dirty. In 2019 Killian will be taking part in a lot of riding throughout Western Europe and beyond - taking many photos along the way and sharing his adventures through his instagram! The quality of his photos is AMAZING and we strongly recommend that you follow him on instagram !


MotoBags on a BMW R1200GSA

Cherie Tan (@anyhowlyyy) is a writer for The Gasoline Addict, a motorcycle lifestyle magazine focusing on Asian motorcycle culture and adventures within the region. Cherie will be riding and exploring much of Southeast Asia this year in the saddle of her MotoBags-Equipped Husqvarna 701 Enduro, which should be just the right tool for the job!


MotoBags on a Husqvarna 701


Tom Leboube (@trip_again_) will be continuing his multi-continental conquest in 2019, with plans to ride both South and North America, possibly making it to Asia before the end of the year! Tom has a unique way of sharing his adventures through his Instagram and his GSA’s signature pose is always sure to please! 

MotoBags on a BMW R1200GS Rallye


Kinga Tanajewska (@onherbike) is an Australian adventure motorcyclist currently exploring the world solo on her F800GS. Kinga is using our MiniBags as well as our new ADVTent as she travels the world. You can follow along with Kinga’s adventures and experiences via her instagram!


BMW F800GS and Lone Rider ADVTent in the Jordan desert


We wish you a very happy and healthy 2019 filled with many adventures and new experiences! Thank you for being a part of the Lone Rider community!


Fred, founder, Lone Rider