Honda Updates CRF1100L Africa Twin for 2022

Honda Updates CRF1100L Africa Twin for 2022

Honda’s CRF1100L, better known as the Africa Twin, has earned quite a reputation for itself in the crowded field of big displacement adventure bikes. 

A bump in engine size to make it a true 1100cc powerplant did wonders for its driveability, and fans and owners alike consider it one of the true sleepers in the category. 

For 2022, Honda has announced some updates for the popular Africa Twin and its brother, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports.

Unfortunately, none of the updates are major overhauls, so if you’re a current owner reading this and wondering if you should make the switch, the short version is no. 

Go ahead and stop reading and continue on with your day. 

However, if you’ve been on the fence about getting an Africa Twin, these updates might be enough to bring you over the edge. 

2022 Honda Africa Twin Tricolor Lone Rider Blog

Luggage Rack

Previously available as an accessory for 2022, all Africa Twin models will now come standard with an aluminum luggage rack. If you have an Africa Twin and paid extra to have the rack fitted to your bike, this might be a slap to the face. 

But apparently, enough of you purchased to convince Honda to include it as standard equipment going forward. This applies to both the Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports, with or without the Dual Clutch Transmission.

New Screen

Exclusive to the Adventure Sports variant, which Honda assumes will be used in more rugged situations than the standard Africa Twin, a new adjustable windscreen is 4.4 inches shorter than before. 

This, says Honda, comes from feedback about the previous screen impeding on a rider’s vision when navigating tricky terrain, as the edge of the screen would come into the rider’s field of view. The shorter screen eliminates that possibility while still providing ample protection from the wind.

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Bold New Graphics

A minor, mid-model year update isn’t complete without some bold new graphics to complete the package, and the Africa Twin hasn’t escaped the eye of Honda designers eager to change up its look. If only slightly. 

The Africa Twin Adventure Sports model will now be offered in Pearl Glare White Tricolour or Matte Ballistic Black Metallic. The former is a play on the current white base with red and blue accents, though slightly more stylized. The gold wheel rims remain, and if we’re honest, it does indeed look very attractive. 

The latter color option is better known as Matte Black. It’s dark and sinister, and other than the aluminum bash plate and exhaust, it’s completely blacked out.

The standard Africa Twin will be available in Pearl Glare White Tricolour, Grand Prix Red, or Matte Ballistic Black.

All three versions will get the “Big Logo” design. In case the name didn’t give it away, it’s exactly what it sounds like – the words “Africa Twin” and “1100” are applied in a large font across the motorcycle. 

This wraps up the updates for the 2022 Honda Africa Twin family. There are no engine updates, nor do we see any changes in the suspension, electronics, or styling. 

As mentioned before, none of these updates will likely be enough to persuade current owners to upgrade to the new model – unless you have a first-year Africa Twin and want the bigger engine. 

2022 Honda Africa Twin Black Lone Rider Blog

Still, model year refreshes are common every couple of years to keep the bikes relevant. So the updates to the Africa Twin, while not very exciting, don’t take anything away from the motorcycle’s capabilities. 

It’s proof that you don’t need the biggest displacement and brute force to get you out of trouble. Instead, the Africa Twin’s X-factor is how capable it is at handling adventure riding despite its “shortcomings” compared to the likes of BMW and KTM – at least on paper.