Create a more comfy Camping Space | 9 Tips

Create a more comfy Camping Space | 9 Tips

Comfortable Camping Space


After a long day of riding, the mind and body typically crave a comfortable camping situations. It’s time to relax, sip a few drinks, and get some sleep so you can do it all again the next day.

The problem is most times creating a comfortable camping space takes much trial and error. We know; we’ve camped all over the world, and it took us years to finally create a systematic approach.

Of course everyone’s comfortable camping system will be unique, but there are a few stables we all likely share. Following are our top tips for comfortable camping besides the usuals of having good camping gear, such as a tent and sleeping bag. 

  1. Create Zones Around Campsite

Just like anything in life, when there’s a system, there’s success. And if you immediately audit your campsite and create zones for different things - tent, bathroom, fire, dishes, hanging motorcycle gear, motorcycle parking - comfort happens quickly. This helps put the mind at ease, and keeps things from disarray in the morning. Do the same within your tent before you sleep. Have a section for easily reached items like your phone, glasses, etc. This type of organization can make for a much smoother emergency bathroom trip or whatever at 2 a.m. Speaking of that - force yourself to relieve yourself at least twice within the hour before hitting the sack.

  1. Sun & Shelter

First, know where the sun goes up and goes down, and, if cold mornings are usual, position your tent to absorb some of that morning sun. This does much for spirit, and of course, heat. If possible, try to place your tent in an area that doesn’t have trees blocking the morning sun. Remember to also check for dead tree limbs above your camping spot; these can come crashing down on you or your bike at anytime, so be cautious when looking for the most optimal area to pitch a tent.

CREATE A MORE COMFY CAMPING SPACE | 9 TIPS - photo by Lone Rider MotoTent v2 customer

  1. Tent Floor

First, make sure you’re not setting your tent up on an ant hill or any other area that critters or wildlife may call home. Next, before setting up your tent, lay on the ground and find the most comfortable spot for your body. This can make a huge difference in sleep, and of course where you set up the tent. Some areas may look flat, but a rock or bumps may surface just as you’re going to bed.

  1. Wind Direction

Just as you want to know where the sun will rise, you’ll also want to know wind direction. The reason is simple—you don’t want to have your tent downwind from a smoky fire or mates who smoke cigars/cigarettes. Fires can smolder all night, and the last thing you want is to be in a tent that reeks of smoke.

  1. Earplugs and Eye Mask

Some campers love to hear all the wildlife noises outside the tent. But sometimes the mind starts playing tricks, and what sounds like a bear is actually a raccoon. Earplugs help battle this, and leave you with your own thoughts as you crash out.

The same can be said for an eye mask. Filtering out any unwanted light while camping - especially if fellow riders are up with a fire going - can help you sleep sooner and stronger.

  1. Solar Panel for Charging

There are many charging devices out there, but many requiring charging of their own. This is why we rely on solar power for our charging devices. The technology has increased 10 fold over the past few years, and even when the sun is behind the clouds it’ll help charger all of your electronic items. Plus, they are lightweight and pack away easy.

  1. Always Have Your Headlamp

Once you use one, you’ll never go without one. So make it an extra point to NEVER forget your headlamp. It’s the best light you can have due to allowing you to use full use of your hands. Besides helping camp setup when the riding stops into the evening (we all get lost!), or used to find your way to relieve yourself in the middle of the night, a headlamp is your best friend when making late-night bike repairs or adjustments.

CREATE A MORE COMFY CAMPING SPACE | 9 TIPS - photo by Lone Rider MotoTent v2 customer

  1. Simple Rope

Rope packs away easily, and has many uses, from being the structure of a quick-needed shelter (fixing bikes in the rain, too much sun on the camp spot, etc.), to drying motorcycle gear. As discussed above, when creating your campsite “zones,” also make sure to tie a rope from two trees and get that gear hanging out and drying.

  1. Warm Up Those Clothes

Regardless of how comfortable and warm you sleep, sometimes putting on some cold clothes in the morning just stinks—especially for those of us camping in cooler temps. One trick we relied on is to bring everything you’ll wear besides your jacket and pant into your sleeping bag for a few minutes before getting up. Your body heat will help warm up the clothes, and provide more comfort for you to start your day positively. This works wonders for motorcycle gloves!

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