Adventure Motorcycle Tours by Region: Best Routes in Germany

Adventure Motorcycle Tours by Region: Best Routes in Germany

In a previous post, we talked about some of the best motorcycle tours in Spain.

A beautiful country with lots to explore, a tour through Spain will naturally leave you wondering what the rest of Europe has to offer. For this post we’ll continue our series with some of the best motorcycle tours in Germany.

In case you missed the reasons why a guided tour is a great idea, we’ll recap some of them for you. First and foremost, the chance to explore some of the finest locales in the world, at locations already curated by an expert team of tour guides and tour operators, means there’s very little stress for you.

All you have to do is bring your gear, show up, and ride. If you go on a group ride, you’ll be meeting up with other like-minded riders, too. A perfect opportunity to make some life-long friends.

Most tour companies have motorcycles for you to rent, too. The nice thing about that is you can likely stay on the same (or similar) type of Adventure motorcycle you already own, or if they have it, you can take a model you’ve been dying to try for one epic test ride.

However, if you insist on riding your personal motorcycle, some tour operations will allow that also, assuming it’s in good running condition. Getting it to and from Germany is your responsibility, though.

Any reputable tour company will provide guided tours with an experienced tour guide, but if you’d rather chart your own path and ride on your own, some tour companies offer self-guided tours, so you can ride on your own schedule.

There are so many places to go and so many sights to see. Not surprisingly, Europe is one of the most popular destinations for motorcycle tourism. Here, we’re going to focus on Germany.

Filled with some of the most beautiful cities in the world, along with some amazing scenery, Deutschland is a motorcyclist’s paradise. Here, let’s explore some of the best tours in the country.

Adventure Motorcycle Tours by Region: Best Routes in Germany
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Guided Motorbike Tours

Granted, the Black Forest Germany motorcycle tour provided by Guided Motorbike Tours is all on pavement, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any adventure. On this seven-day tour, participants will log 1400 miles, covering some of the most scenic and twisty roads the Black Forest has to offer. The tour goes through Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Ardennes Valley–and that’s just on day one! If you’re worried about your pace, you have nothing to worry about. As GMT explains:

The Black Forest Motorcycle Tour isn’t just for speed demons. Because we use a drop off system, it allows all riders of varying abilities to ride at their own pace. There is no need to feel you are being left behind or holding the rest of the group up. Our Escorted Black Forest Germany Motorcycle Tour is an incredible route for bikers who like roads with ribbon like tarmac and race track style bends! You will experience a unique route created by Guided Motorbike Tours that captivates some of the best roads in the Black Forest.

See the rest of the tours offered here.

Leod Motorcycle Escapes

Another pavement-only tour, Leod Motorcycle Escapes’ “Track & Tour” Sachsenring & Italian Alps combines two legendary riding locations, Italy and Germany.

Even though you’ll land and depart in Munich, you’ll spend most of the eight days of riding on the Italian Alps, which itself is a highlight and trip all its own for most people.

The excitement level increases as the tour then heads back to Germany for a two-day trackday at Sachsenring, the very same track where MotoGP races. Included in the tour are accommodations in 3-star hotels, breakfast, most dinners, local guides and track instructors, a separate vehicle to transport your luggage and track gear, and a broad array of BMW motorcycles for all legs of the trip, including the trackday.

See the Leod Motorcycle Escapes website for more information.

Yellow Yeti ADV

Typically, Yellow Yeti ADV is a motorcycle tour company with a bend towards adventure riding. Even though it doesn’t offer any specific tours in Germany, and certainly no adventure tours in the country, the Yellow Yeti website does offer a detailed and interactive route map of Germany, complete with popular destinations and a brief description on what makes each locale worth visiting.

You can see the route map and descriptions here. Clicking the tabs on the top of the page will send you to Yellow Yeti’s adventure tours in other parts of the world. 


If you really want to know what every corner of Germany has to offer, the Reuthers Germania Guided Motorcycle Tour is for you.

As the name implies, this comprehensive tour is 19 days long–and that doesn’t include travel days getting to or from Germany. Here’s Reuthers description of the tour:

On this Guided motorcycle tour through Germany you'll learn everything about the land of poets and thinkers. Whether gateway to the world Frankfurt, the imperial city of Aachen, the second biggest port in Europe in Hamburg, Berlin, Germany's capital city, the venerable Dresden, the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein, the highest mountain the Zugspitze or the world's largest cuckoo clock in the Black Forest. Germania is the tour for all that want to know and see more of Germany's unique beauty and all of this in the saddle of a motorcycle. For all Europeans, there will be the possibility to participate on this Guided motorcycle tour with your own motorcycle (Reuthers BYOM).

Intrigued? Learn more about the tour here.


No story on motorcycle touring is complete without mentioning Edelweiss. The world leader in motorcycle tours, Edelweiss Bike Travel is based in Germany, so of course it knows the local roads.

With 40 years of experience, you can count on an Edelweiss Bike Travel tours being one of your most cherished memories on a motorcycle. Because epic riding in Germany is so close to amazing roads in neighboring countries, many Edelweiss tours often combine multiple countries into one big trip.

Take the High Peaks and Passes tour. Encompassing eight days of riding, the tour starts and finishes in Milan, Italy, and passes through France, Germany, and Switzerland along the way. Here’s the Edelweiss description:

We start out with Italian culture at its best, Milan is the food and fashion hub of northern Italy. But as soon as we leave the magical city, we find something else: breath-taking scenery with pristine lakes and towering mountains. Once we reach Switzerland, the Alpine rollercoaster is in full swing, one pass road is followed by the next one. In Germany, in the famous Black Forest, we can relax a little bit. We ride back through Switzerland and into France – now we on the traces of the Tour de France, the most prestigious bicycle race in the world. Names like Galibier, Iseran and Alpe d’Huez are icons for bicyclists and an incredible riding pleasure for us. Back in Italy, we think back to this magical week in the Western Alps!

And this is just one of over two dozen Edelweiss tours through Europe. There are far too many to list here. To learn more, and to see the rest of the destinations Edelweiss travels through, visit the Edelweiss website.


Adventure Motorcycle Tours in Germany

Concluding Thoughts

As you can see, Germany has a lot to offer, with neighboring countries not far away if you’d like to explore even more. There are numerous mountain passes, offering postcard-worthy landscapes that are sure to enhance any riding experience.

Ask anyone who has done a tour and they will tell you it’s definitely a bucket list item they’re glad to check off. With so much to offer, you’re bound to make memories, and friends, that will last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for?