ADV Motorcycle Camping Tents: How Do I Choose What's Best for Me?

ADV Motorcycle Camping Tents: How Do I Choose What's Best for Me?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s the joy and happiness we get from going on a motorcycle adventure.

Pointing your bike in a specific direction and seeing where you end up can be a thrilling experience, as you explore new lands, meet new people, and soak in all that the earth has to offer.

Eventually, however, you’re going to get tired, and you’re going to need to rest. Sure, you can stop at a hotel, motel, hostel, or BnB, but what if none of those options are available?

What if you make a wrong turn and end up in the middle of nowhere? Or what if you simply prefer to sleep amongst the stars?

Enter the motorcycle camping tent. Built for riders and dreamers like you, motorcycle camping tents are designed with the motorcycle rider in mind.

Not only do they provide a temporary shelter for you to lay your head down for the night, but as the name implies, they also provide a makeshift garage so your motorcycle stays out of the elements, too.

There are many different types of motorcycle tents out there, made to serve different needs and purposes.

Here, we’re going to help you choose which cover is right for you. First we’ll go over some things to consider, then we’ll follow that up with some of our favorite tents.

Motorcycle Tents: Things To Consider

  • Weight: Going on a motorcycle adventure means packing everything you need (and not necessarily everything you want!) onto your motorcycle. Obviously, the more weight you put on your bike, the more you can upset the handling of the bike and ultimately make it harder to ride. So you want a tent that’s as light as possible while still meeting all your needs. Which brings us to our second point…

  • Size: Are you traveling alone or with other people? Will this be a quick weekend trip or a journey spanning the course of months? These things and more are all valid points to consider as it will dictate what you bring with you. A short trip doesn’t necessitate bringing your entire house with you, so you can pack light-ish and potentially bring a smaller tent. On the other hand, a long trip works the other way and might require a bigger tent. Either way, make sure there’s enough room for you and/or those coming with you to sleep comfortably (don’t forget the importance of ventilation!), with ample space to store gear away from the elements. Then, of course, make sure there’s enough room for your motorcycle to tuck away, too. Which, again, leads us to our next point.

  • Motorcycle vestibule: This is the part of the tent that attaches, like an awning, to basically serves as the tent for your bike. Some are big enough to be considered garages, while others are so minimal it’s just enough to fit your motorcycle into. Whichever fits your needs, if you opt for something on the smaller side, make sure your bike will fit inside. The vestibule can also create added tent space to stow away gear, so keep that in mind while you shop.

Lone Rider Motorcycle Tents Provide the Solution

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Best Tent For Solo Adventure Riders Packing Light: Lone Rider ADV Tent

Of course we’d mention ourselves on this list – motorcycle tents is one of our specialties! Technically, the ADV tent can sleep up to two people – quite comfortably too – but we figure most people on an epic adventure are traveling solo or with others who have packed their own tents.

There is an extra storage room for riding gear, helmets, jackets and boots inside or outside under the vestibule fly. The tent boasts enough space for both panniers, top case, roll bag and tank bag.

Everything needed for motorcycle camping can fit in the ADV Tent, except the bike. In this case, you can attach an extra awning from the tent to the bike to give a little extra coverage for the things underneath or to cook outside.

The ADV tent is packed with features we could easily spend this whole article writing about, so be sure to check the link for all the details. But clearly it can hold up to the best Mother Nature has to throw at it.

Storage pockets are abound and privacy windows and clipped zipper entries make it possible to keep others out if you want. A clever S.O.S. pad can be used if you’re in need of help and want to attract attention from above.

Hopefully you never have to use it, and in which case the whole tent packs up tightly and was designed to fit into the panniers (both soft and hard) of most adventure motorcycles out there.

Lone Rider ADV Tent for camping

Best Tent If You Want It All: Lone Rider MotoTent

Maybe we’re biased, but the MotoTent is unmatched when it comes to motorcycle tents. Designed for up to two people, their gear, and a motorcycle with panniers, the MotoTent has built a reputation for itself.

It’s obviously roomy enough for two people and their stuff, but there’s also enough room for the occupants to stand upright without feeling cramped.

The great thing about the MotoTent is the separate enclosure for the motorcycle, so both man and machine are safe from the elements.

Waterproof fabric, including ground cover, are obvious choices here, but you may not realize the fabric is also fire resistant. the smart design of the MotoTent means setup is extremely easy and fast – 7 minutes is all it takes.

The MotoTent was designed by adventure riders for adventure riders, so it features all the things you come to expect in a tent: lots of storage, color-coded aluminum poles, and even a detachable inner tent that can be used as a huge garage.

Best of all, the MotoTent packs up easily and weighs only 12 lbs, making it the lightest tent with a motorcycle canopy available today. Reflective inserts on the carrying bag are a nice touch when the bag is on the back of your bike, which help other motorists see you in low-light conditions.

Concluding Thoughts

There’s a lot to think about when deciding on a motorcycle tent, and there’s no doubt we missed a few options available today. It seems companies are continually improving and updating their designs.

Nonetheless, there’s no better time than now to hop on your motorcycle and get away from it all, and these tents will be there to keep you sheltered when you need it.

The important takeaway here is to be honest with yourself about what your needs are in a tent. How long will you be gone for? How much do you want to pack? How much weight can your motorcycle hold?

What will the weather be like? These questions and more will help you decide on the right tent for you. Whatever you decide, know that you can’t go wrong with Lone Rider tents. Check out the testimonies on each product page above to understand more!