Triumph Tiger 1200 Unveiled: Is it a Worthy ADV Motorcycle?

Triumph Tiger 1200 Unveiled: Is it a Worthy ADV Motorcycle?

Recently, Triumph released photos of a “camouflaged” Tiger 1200 ripping through some trails. We use quotes here because the camo coverings on the bike don’t really leave the viewer guessing. 

The lines are evident, and its overall profile clearly looks slimmer than the outgoing Tiger 1200 it’s replacing.

Considering that the soon-to-be discontinued Tiger 1200 was never really taken seriously in the ADV space against its rivals from BMW and KTM, judging by what we’re seeing here, it looks like a diet plan and a more refined engine package are just two of the ingredients Triumph are using to bolster the new Tiger 1200’s street cred. 

But is it enough to call it a worthy ADV motorcycle? Let’s take a closer look.

Here’s What We Can Surmise

Triumph unveiled a new version of its three-cylinder engine in the latest Speed Triple. At 1,160cc, this three-cylinder puts out nearly 180 horsepower in Speed Triple form.

Of course, we don’t expect those same numbers when the engine is tuned for Tiger 1200 duty, but it’s proof that it’s plenty potent and has the potential to blow the previous 1200 engine away. 

Triumph Tiger 1200 ADV bike

We said earlier that these photos clearly show a slimmer Tiger than its predecessor, and we have to assume this means the new Tiger has also gone on a weight loss regimen to shed as much of its nearly 600-lbs. wet weight as possible to keep up with the class leaders. 

Beyond that, the photos Triumph has let out clearly show the new Tiger ripping around in the dirt. We can only take that to mean its ADV prowess has been ramped up to compete on the big stage. 

Then again, knowing Triumph, this new Tiger 1200 is likely one in a family of Tiger 1200s, this one presumably a Rally version. Triumph’s press release notes the new bike also has a new chassis for better handling, which we have to assume means both on the dirt and on the road. 

Still, since we’re talking about ADV motorcycles here, we can’t ignore the crash protection around the engine, the fog lights on the crash bars, and the wire-spoke wheels (likely a 21-inch?), which all point to the bike’s off-road preference. 

We also notice a shorter beak and restyled headlights, along with the 1200’s signature (and maintenance-free) shaft drive. Brembo calipers are sure to give plenty of stopping power.

What’s weird is what looks to be an abnormally large remote shock reservoir. Time will tell if this is just camera tricks or something more. 

2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 Unveiled

In keeping with the ADV theme, we notice the single radiator behind the front tire on the old bike is not there anymore, replaced by two smaller radiators tucked behind covers on the side of the bike. 

This could have been a decision to protect the radiators from debris better or allow more room at the front of the motorcycle for fork compression considering, assuming the new frame has altered rake angles than before. Then again, it could also be a clever way to make the wheelbase shorter with minimal downsides.

Despite all we can gather from the photos, there are still some things we don’t know. Primarily, what sort of electronics will the new Tiger come with? Triumph will surely pack it full of rider aids and multimedia/connectivity options, but precisely what they are, we don’t know. 

We also don’t know what colors will be available or the price. But, most importantly, we don’t truly know how good the new Tiger will be off-road.

Will it give a GS a run for its money, or can the German and Austrian kings in the class rest comfortably on their thrones? Only time will tell.